Hot Car Tattoos

What Is A Car Tattoo?

“Urban” Definition


Pronounced: kär ta-tü
Function: noun
Urban Slang: car tatt
Origin: As defined by 2009

1 : a form of automotive customizing made popular by TV shows such as Pimp My Ride, Trick My Truck, and the FAST and FURIOUS movies where car graphics (decals) or paint are applied to the surface of the vehicle also known as a ride or whip.

Example: “Yo! Thats a really hot car tattoo on your hood!”

“Proper” Definition

Main Entry: car tattoo
Pronunciation: kär ta-tü
Function: noun
Plural Form: car tattoos
Origin: As first defined by 2009

1 : a mark or design, fixed upon the interior or exterior of a motor vehicle, by application of vinyl graphics or paint ; also : a form of automotive customizing where a vehicles exterior surface is altered by applying vinyl decal(s).
2 : the act of car tattooing ; also : known as being decaled or painted

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