Hot Car Tattoos

Yo – Tatt My Ride!

Ok Listen up people.. If you live in Va and still don’t have a tattoo for your ride then come check out hot car tattoos Thursday June 10, 2010 @ 4PM and get your free car tattoos!!! will be at Millennium Window Tint and all you got to do for FREE TATTOOS is:

1. Go to the location on the map on the side of the website that reads (Wheres “Tatt Man”). This will tell you where to go for your free auto tattoos.

2. When you spot the one car in the parking lot with car tatts ALL OVER IT your close… Look for the guy wearing the T-Shirt and say “Yo Tatt My Ride”.

If your the first person Tatt Man will hook you up with the car tatt, truck tattoo, or bike tattoo of your choice.. FREE!!

SamuraiNinjaDragonCarTattoo 366x275 Yo   Tatt My Ride!