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Myspace page now up for Hot Car Tattoos

Hello everyone icon biggrin Myspace page now up for Hot Car Tattoos If your “social” then this Hot Car Tattoos update is for you! now has a MySpace page and is looking for friends, organizations, and affiliates. If your into tattooing your ride or just like a little mod on your rod in the form of a bike tattoo then hit us up with a friends request on our MySpace Page yo!

myspace car tattoos 400x237 Myspace page now up for Hot Car Tattoos V2.0 In Progress

In an effort to provide a better experience to all you AUTO TATTOO enthusiasts website is getting a makeover. Yes the new and improved Hot Car Tattoos will not only be faster than a speeding “tatt” gun, not only able to leap VW Bugs and Big Rigs in a single bound BUT will also be taking a giant step forward by staying connected to all Car Tattoo lovers by joining MySpace, Facebook, and Youtube. So stay dialed in and check back to see whats in store in 2010.

Deuces icon cool V2.0 In Progress