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If you like our gallery page of car, truck, and bike tattoos then check out the first Car Tattoo Gallery video on Hot Car Tattoos new YouTube channel. The video slide show was put together to highlight the first round of images in the car tattoo gallery. Now ya know because this is not just your OLD FOGIES kind of tatt site so we put a little twist on the slide show. Original music, editing, and free MP3s by DJ Jump Dragon

If you got a ride and you got auto tattoos post them in our car tatt gallery or icon arrow Car Tattoo Gallery Video (1) on YouTubeemail your pics to be included in upcoming videos!

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If you looking for car tattoos check out some of the best tattoo decals ANYWHERE by visiting Their decal designs are SICK and totally unique.. Their car tatts stand out from the rest because the designs are not icon eek Car Tattoo Gallery Video (1) on YouTube “cookie cutter” clip art lol!