Hot Car Tattoos

Honda Car Tattoo at Walmart

Stepping back to my car after an always exciting time shopping at Walmart a mega custom Honda caught my eye.  A few rows over this sweet looking Honda dawned a nice set of airbrush car tattoos. The red tatts with a fade of black flowed from the hood to the back right on over the custom body kit. More pics to be added in the gallery soon.

Honda Car Tattoo 300x224 Honda Car Tattoo at Walmart

Honda Car Tattoo

Airbrush Jaguar Truck Tattoo

This smooth cat caught my eye at a local flea market. The airbrush jaguar tattoo was on the tailgate of  this slightly jacked up truck. The truck was tattooed on the sides and windows as well (etched glass). I will post more pics on the gallery page. The truck tattoos were done in airbrush and the artist made good use of the colors. Good job.

Airbrush Jaguar Truck Tatto 300x224 Airbrush Jaguar Truck Tattoo

Airbrush Jaguar Truck Tattoo