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Race Car Tattoo Siting

Race car spotted in Va on the side of the road up for sale. It was obviously off the stock car circuit but was hooked up with a lot of car tattoos and sponsors not to mention a nice set of “dubs”. I didn’t catch the price but a pretty cool and happening ride none the less!

Pimpin Race Car Tattoo 300x225 Race Car Tattoo Siting

Pimpin Race Car Tattoo

Yahoo 32 Race Car Tattoo 300x225 Race Car Tattoo Siting

Yahoo 32 Race Car Tattoo

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06.12.09 web site launched

06.12.09 – web site is launched. The web site breaks new ground as the first web site to research, define, and write both a proper and an “urban” definition for car tattoo(s). leads the way by being the first to offer the automotive community a platform for showcasing their “car tattoos” to the world in the site’s online picture gallery. The site’s creator had this to say…

” This site was created to fill a void. The custom automotive scene and culture have been going strong for years. Traditional tattoos have long had a history in every culture around the globe. Our modern technological revolution has yielded one of the greatest inventions mankind has ever seen or experienced .. the automobile. They grow in increasing numbers in our urban jungles sporting cutting edge new looks. is a personal hobby of mine with a vision set on the future of showcasing some of the hottest car tattoo designs around the world. ” – Levi
If your looking to join the revolution you can get your own FREE car tattoos here. Stay tuned has set the stage for great things to come in the new urban mainstream that are car tattoos. icon exclaim 06.12.09 web site launched